20 Benefits of Ciplukan Leaf for Treating Diseases

Zonahobi – Ciplukan, whose Latin name is Physalis angulata, usually grows wild in shrubs or grows with farmers’ crops.

Ciplukan can still be found in rural areas and the fruit is very popular with children, but it has become rare in urban areas and is quite expensive.

In addition to the fruit that can be consumed, it turns out that ciplukan leaves have many benefits or benefits for treating flu and other symptoms such as Omicron.

20 benefits of ciplukan leaves for health caused by diseases similar to Omicron symptoms, cited by Zonahobi, and how the ingredients are made

1. It can cure the flu.

A person who has the flu can try to be treated with ciplukan leaves, the method is to cut the leaves and stems of the boiled ciplukan and then drink the juice.

2. Treating sore throat.

Just by drinking boiled water, ciplukan leaves can cure a sore throat.

3. Treat coughs.

For coughs, you can try drinking boiled water from ciplukan leaves.

4. Treat mumps.

Mumps is a disease caused by iodine deficiency, you can try to treat it by drinking boiled ciplukan water.

5. Anti-ulcer drugs on the skin.

You can do this by squeezing the boiled water of ciplukan leaves or adding them to the crushed leaves.

6. Accelerate wound healing.

Just by beating the ciplukan leaf and sticking it on the injured part, the wound dries quickly and heals.

7. Diabetes treatment.

People with diabetes should try to drink boiled water from ciplukan leaves regularly to cure diabetes.

8. Treating wet lungs.

The trick is to regularly consume boiled water from ciplukan leaves.

9. Reduce the risk of epilepsy.

Boiled juice of Ciplukan leaves can reduce the occurrence of sfilepsia.

10. Relieves lymph node disorders.

If you have experienced swelling of the lymph nodes, you can try to treat it by regularly drinking boiled water from ciplukan leaves.

11. Treat heart disease.

The trick is to take 40 ciplukan leaves and mix them like juice and drink them without mixing.

12. As an asthma medicine.

The trick is to take the leaves and stems of the cipluka, boil it, mix it with haddock and rub it on your chest.

13. Ringworm treatment.

The trick is to crush the soft ciplukan until it comes out and then stick it on the ringworm affected skin.

14. To reduce fever.

Ciplukan fruit can be consumed directly and can reduce fever in children.

15. It lowers high blood pressure.

The trick is to boil the leaves, stems and roots of ciplukan and then drink for 3 weeks in a row.

16. Cleaning dirty pee.

Ciplukan dirty urine can be treated by simply drinking boiled water.

17. Treating breast cancer.

Breast cancer may sound like a terrible disease, but it turns out that ciplukan leaves can cure breast cancer, much like mixing ciplukan leaves with rice and grated coconut and grinding them until smooth and then sticking them on the breast.

18. Eliminate yellow body in newborns.

After the leaves of Ciplukan are dried, they are sun-dried, boiled and the water is used in baby bathing.

19. Processing of receipts.

The trick is to eat ciplukan fruit and drink boiled water from ciplukan leaves to treat chips.

20. Lowers cholesterol.

How to eat ciplukan fruit You can also eat ciplukan leaf 3 to 5 ciplukan leaves daily can lower cholesterol.

These are the 20 health benefits of ciplukan leaves.

20 Health Benefits of Gotu Kola Leaf, One of which Heals Skin Wounds

In Latin, the Gotu kola leaf is called Centella Asiatica, it is a kind of weed that grows in fields and rice fields.

Gotu kola leaves are similar to clover leaves, which are somewhat broad. Gotu kola leaves are from Asia with a tropical climate, gotu kola leaves are found in almost all regions in Indonesia.

Gotu kola leaves have many other names such as horse foot leaves or antanan leaves, these leaves are widely used as traditional medicines which are very beneficial for health.

Here are 20 health benefits of gotu kola leaves:

1.blood cleanser.

Gotu kola leaves have the function of cleaning the blood, gotu kola leaves have the function of filtering the germs or dirt in the body and are directly filtered and excreted through the feces.

2. Make it easier to urinate.

The difficult urination is often inhibited by bacteria, so it can be overcome with gotu kola leaves, the benefits of gotu kola leaves can make urination easier.

3. Treat fever.

The way to take some gotu kola leaves is then finely ground and used as a compress on the forehead, the natural ingredient in gotu kola leaves can cure fever.

4. Promote blood circulation.

Gotu kola leaves can improve blood circulation in the body.

5. Treatment of bleeding in wounds.

The benefits of gotu kola leaves can treat bleeding from wounds as an external remedy or for those of you who experience frequent nosebleeds, you can use gotu kola leaves to stop bleeding.

6. Increase the memory.

Gotu kola leaves also have the function of improving memory and preventing old age.

7. It can remove bacteria.

Gotu kola leaves the function of expelling bacteria from the digestive tract and intestinal tract, which is very effective in repelling bacteria.

8. Anti-inflammatory.

Gotu kola leaves act as an anti-inflammatory and can treat a sore throat.

9. Overcoming allergies.

For those of you who suffer from allergies frequently, you can use gotu kola leaves as the compounds in it are effective in dealing with allergies.

10. Prevents gout.

Gotu kola leaves can also be used to treat veins or nourish veins, use these leaves regularly to nourish vascular tissue.

11. As a component of traditional medicine.

12. It reduces anxiety.

This gotu kola leaf extract can reduce anxiety or depression.

13. Accelerate wound healing

Researchers in India proved that gotu kola leaves can heal wounds quickly.

14. Anti-oxidant.

Researchers in Brazil found that the water extract of gotu kola leaf contains antioxidants.

15. Maintain bone density.

Gotu kola leaves contain calcium, calcium, magnesium and iron, which are important minerals for maintaining bone density.

16. As an antibiotic.

Gotu kola leaves contain natural anti-biotics and strengthen the body’s immune system.

17. Treat ulcers.

Gotu kola leaves can treat heartburn and other stomach ailments.

18. Fighting cancer.

Gotu kola leaf extract contains anti-toxin which is effective in fighting cancer.

19. Heal skin wounds.

The results showed that gotu kola leaf has a permatological effect, which is effective in healing wounds quickly.

20. Strengthen memory.

Giving children gotu kola leaf extract can improve children’s memory and improve concentration.

Here are 20 health benefits of gotu kola leaves

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